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Ever had that feeling you are going around in circles?

Ever had this feeling at work? I have many times but this time it was really necessary and very rewarding. Plan B had 60 or so 'field trees' to rejuvenate. All of these trees, planted some time ago, where struggling to establish themselves as they were restricted by surrounding grass growth. So, all 60 or so, needed a circle digging around them to help them flourish. These will all be finished off with bark chippings to suppress weeds and now it will also be a joy to cut the grass and not a nuisance. These trees all sit within the new meadow garden featured on the website. Meadow update coming soon! So, how did you Boyd get so many circles so circular around so many trees? My patented device

First post by Plan B

"A garden is the best alternative therapy" Germaine Greer After 30 years of working in the Health Service, many of these as a nurse, my philosophy behind Plan B Garden Design, is working with clients to enable them to make the best use of this free 'therapy'. Whilst I bring many skills in design, landscaping and maintenance, my aim is to encourage clients to develop these skills, become more confident in working their garden, and in turn, let the garden improve their health. Sounds easy doesn't it? Well, if it's that easy, why are so many of us not taking advantage of this 'best alternative therapy'? The NHS is starting to provide 'gardening prescriptions' now (yes, you read that right - fro

Fab 5 Gardening Jobs to do in ... October

1. Between the rainy days and if the ground is not too wet, October is generally the last month for cutting the grass. Raise the cutting height slightly on the mower and if you want healthier grass in 18, use a spring rake to take out moss and dead grass (some call it scarifying!) 2. Looking for free plants in 18? Now is the time to divide those lovely perennials and spread the joy they bring to other areas of the garden. 3. Spring Colour - if you are looking for some colour in Spring, then now is the perfect time to be planting those spring bulbs. What's not to like about the magnificent daffodil in Springtime. 4. October starts the season for crown lifting deciduous trees - taking out low