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First post by Plan B

"A garden is the best alternative therapy"

Germaine Greer

Espresso design

After 30 years of working in the Health Service, many of these as a nurse, my philosophy behind Plan B Garden Design, is working with clients to enable them to make the best use of this free 'therapy'. Whilst I bring many skills in design, landscaping and maintenance, my aim is to encourage clients to develop these skills, become more confident in working their garden, and in turn, let the garden improve their health. Sounds easy doesn't it? Well, if it's that easy, why are so many of us not taking advantage of this 'best alternative therapy'? The NHS is starting to provide 'gardening prescriptions' now (yes, you read that right - from your GP!), so why not keep in touch with Plan B and see what inspiration I can provide for you, your garden and your health.

My regular posts will keep you up to date with Plan B projects, as well as providing you with some useful garden tips - watch out for the monthly posts on '5 fab gardening jobs to do in ...' - the October edition is on its way!


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