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  • Boyd Mullins

Fab 5 Gardening Jobs to do in ... October

1. Between the rainy days and if the ground is not too wet, October is generally the last month for cutting the grass. Raise the cutting height slightly on the mower and if you want healthier grass in 18, use a spring rake to take out moss and dead grass (some call it scarifying!)


2. Looking for free plants in 18? Now is the time to divide those lovely perennials and spread the joy they bring to other areas of the garden.


3. Spring Colour - if you are looking for some colour in Spring, then now is the perfect time to be planting those spring bulbs. What's not to like about the magnificent daffodil in Springtime.


4. October starts the season for crown lifting deciduous trees - taking out low hanging branches so that the tree can show off its trunk and not get in the way of passing peeps. You can 'crown lift' to whatever height you like but general rule is the bottom third of the tree.


5. Another one for grass lovers! Rake up those leaves as they start to fall. Not only will it help in keeping your garden looking tidy, it is also healthy for the grass. An average size lawn must burn as many calories as a 15 minute run - I know what I prefer!

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