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Fab 5 Gardening Jobs to do in ... November

1. The days of BBQ's and even catching a sneaky espresso outside in the garden, I'm afraid are probably now gone. November is a good time to pack away gazebos, BBQ's, chairs, tables and benches.This will help preserve and maintain them, maybe give you a chance to clean them up and even apply a lick of paint, ready for 18. I tend to leave out 1 chair and small bistro table, just for those odd days when well wrapped up I can still enjoy a drink outside.


2. Winter veg - if you planted out your winter veg in spring and summer, now is the time to start the bountiful harvest. Cabbage, broccoli, brussels, kale and leeks, whatever takes your fancy, but do make sure you continue to tend to them. They will all be quite hardy but will still need love and attention to keep them healthy.


3. Leaves, leaves, leaves - I have a woodland garden and during the autumn months, they constantly provide a layer over my garden. As covered in my October tips, do get out in the garden and rake them up as much as you can - this is essential maintenance. Layers of leaves left in the garden will create so many problems in 18. Once collected, keep them for leafmould and store them in any container you have. I tend to find that 2 year old leafmould is best, so have somewhere out of the way to store them.



5. Window wonders - even if it is too cold to be outside, autumn is a great time to just sit back and admire your garden from the warmth of inside. The constant changing colours of the leaves, the wonderful seed heads of perennials, and of course winter flowering plants - one of my favourites is Sedum. so, my advice, sit back and enjoy.


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