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The Garden In Spring!

Tulips in the spring


As the harsh winter months bid adieu and the vibrant spring steps in, it’s a period of rebirth and rejuvenation for our gardens.

As a garden designer, spring is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times of the year. The milder weather, the sprouting greenery, and the burst of colours all around truly bring joy and inspiration. Let's delve into the awakening of the garden from its winter slumber.

The Magic of Spring Bulbs

The first sign of a British spring is often the emergence of spring bulbs. Crocuses, daffodils, tulips, and snowdrops break through the frosty soil and bring the first splash of colour to the garden.

These early bloomers are a delight as they offer the perfect opportunity to structure colour palettes and create visual interest. Their hardiness and minimal care requirements make them ideal for a variety of garden designs, from traditional schemes to modern layouts. I often include Spring flowering bulbs into my planting plans.

The Burst of Blossoms

Spring is synonymous with blossoms. Cherry trees adorn themselves with delicate flowers, transforming gardens into pastel wonderlands. These blossoms not only add beauty but also provide essential early nectar for pollinators.

Incorporating early flowering trees into garden designs can create focal points and add vertical interest. Moreover, their stunning blossoms set the stage for the upcoming summer blooms.

The Return of Wildlife

With the arrival of spring, gardens become a hive of activity. Birds return from their winter migration, bees and butterflies start to appear, and the air fills with a symphony of nature's sounds.

Designing a garden that welcomes and supports this wildlife is a crucial aspect of spring garden planning. Incorporating bird feeders, insect houses, and planting pollinator-friendly flowers can create a thriving ecosystem within your garden. I have now designed many gardens where bug hotels and hedgehog highways have been included!


Spring is a season of rebirth and renewal, bringing with it an explosion of life and colour.

As a garden designer, it's a joy to shape this vibrant season's potential and create beautiful, living spaces that harmonise with nature. So, as the days grow longer and the air becomes warmer, let's embrace the magic of spring and transform our gardens into a celebration of life and growth.

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