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A client asked me ... last week

"Boyd, whilst you are here this week, can you cut the grass"?

Those that know me quite well, recognise that I am a thinker, a reflector, you could say, an introvert. So, all of the following went through my mind, in what I guess was only a 5 second pause for the client ...

Cut the grass! It's the middle of January! It's too cold and wet to cut mow the lawn. I don't have a mower with me - why would I! Wait, is that one of the neighbours cutting their lawn right now - ooo, the smell of cut grass in January!? Nooooo - cutting grass in January is just wrong. My heavy footprints won't help with keeping the lawn nice and flat. What happens if we get a hard frost - that won't be good for the grass. First cut really needs to be in Spring, not Winter. I don't think I have ever cut grass in January. That said, it is really mild and there are lots of signs of Spring starting early and it will just tidy up that lawn. Noooo, its just wrong to cut grass in January.

My response to the client - "I suggest we don't cut the grass. I know it looks a little untidy but it's not too long and if we do get some hard frosts, a recent cut could be harmful . Also, the lawn is very wet, so the mower wheels and my footprints, will create ruts in the lawn. A cut now will probably lead to your grass, your lawn, struggling in the summer.

We agreed to NOT CUT THE GRASS.

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