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Fab 5 Gardening Jobs to do in ... May

As the weather improves, I expect you will all start to enjoy your garden more, so here are a few tips to help you out.

1. National Gardening Week - partly in April but mostly in May, so I have included it. Not technically a job to do, but maybe an inspiration to get out in the garden. Go for it readers!


2. Lavender - I see so many of my clients with this in their garden and now is the right time to cut them back. Take off any old flowers and a small amount of this year's growth (1 - 1.5 inches should be just about right).


3. Lawns - to keep them looking their best, a regular weekly mow in now in order.


4. Weeds! As your plants grow so unfortunately do the weeds. So a regular de-weeding at this time of year is essential. Keep on top of them with this regular maintenance and they won't become a big headache.


5. Spring Flowering Shrubs - now is the time to prune these to get an even better display next year. Prune to help keep the shape you are looking for and take away about a quarter of the older stems.

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