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Plan B - One year in

"Green fingers are made, not born: success comes to all, with practice"

(Nigel Colborn)

Well Nigel, I have had a fair amount of practice in the past year - yes, it has been a year since I went full time with Plan B!

It has been a year of exploration and learning, aided by 2 main things - the wonderful clients I have met who have been patient with my developing 'green fingers', and secondly, the support, encouragement and faith from my family.

So, a year in, am I doing what I set out to do? I possibly thought I would be doing more design work but I have released that this is a much better job for the colder months, allowing me to spend more time outside in our fine weather. I am though filling my time, equally, with 3 main activities:

  1. Garden maintenance

  2. Landscaping and planting

  3. Garden designs

I really enjoy the mix these 3 things bring and have found that they all compliment each other, especially with the 'practice' element Nigel. I have made made mistakes, some quite funny (I will save these for another blog), but each day I do my best to learn from these.

So, in the last year, I have left an employer of 30 years +, started my own business and stepped into a world that is requiring a lot of practice. Has it been a success - year one, I would say yes, so roll on year 2.

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