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Fab 5 Gardening Jobs to do in ... April

I have had several reminders that this months blog is late. No excuses, it just is! Anyway, down to business.

1. FREE Plants! Has your bamboo got too big? April is the perfect month to divide your Bamboo. Water well and dig up then simply divide with a spade - you can be quite rough! Re plant where needed and water well. Depending on size, you could easily go from having 1 plant to 3 or 4! You can also do this with grasses.


2. Pruning - now is a good time to prune many plants such as hardy fuchsias, lavender and buddleja's. Each plant has its own requirements but generally cut back to a healthy bud, take out thin struggling new shoots and occasionally take out older stems if the plant has become too compacted.


3. Climbing Frame - as your climbers start to shoot, take time to regularly tie them in to what ever structure you are using. This will help ensure a better looking plant later in the season


4. Oh the weeds! - yes, they have now started to come through, so best thing to do is be on top of them from the start. Its getting warmer so make a dash for the garden and weed away. Weeding is a common task for the spring clean garden maintenance jobs I do


5. Lawn Repair - April is a good time to repair any damaged areas of lawn by re seeding. Prepare the area well and seed away. Depending on weather, some watering in dry periods may be needed. Autumn is the other time to re seed lawns.

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