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Fab 5 Gardening Jobs to do in ... January

Welcome to 18 everyone. You may all be thinking that there is little to do in the garden during the winter months, especially with January generally being one of the coldest! Well, here's 5 things that may entice you to wrap up warm and venture out.

1. If you still have your Christmas tree, consider chopping it up finely, or shredding if you have such a gadget, and use it for mulch in your garden - its FREE!


2. With the winds of last night and today, this is a good reminder to check any tree and shrub ties you may have, especially for any that are newly planted


3. If you have a pond, be mindful in freezing conditions that it does not completely freeze over. This can be harmful to fish as well as pond plants


4. Helping the birds. Top up your bird feeders regularly and if you don't have any, consider building some or take a shortcut and just buy from your local garden centre. We all have a responsibility to look after the planet and our wildlife is a key part of this


5. And finally ... get your camera out and take some magical pictures of your garden in the frost. With winter stems at their best and many grasses and perennials having beautiful seed heads, some truly great images can be captured. Why not share yours by posting here!


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