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A client asked me ... last week

"Boyd, whilst you are here this week, can you cut the grass"? Those that know me quite well, recognise that I am a thinker, a reflector, you could say, an introvert. So, all of the following went through my mind, in what I guess was only a 5 second pause for the client ... Cut the grass! It's the middle of January! It's too cold and wet to cut mow the lawn. I don't have a mower with me - why would I! Wait, is that one of the neighbours cutting their lawn right now - ooo, the smell of cut grass in January!? Nooooo - cutting grass in January is just wrong. My heavy footprints won't help with keeping the lawn nice and flat. What happens if we get a hard frost - that won't be good for the grass.

Fab 5 Gardening Jobs to do in ... January

Welcome to 2019 everyone. Not quite the usual weather for this time of the year! Anyway, here's my top 5 jobs for the month. 1. Now is a great time of year to clean up all those empty garden pots. Some will just need a clean with warm soapy water, others could be painted to give you a 'nearly free' new pot. Whilst others, beyond their best, can be smashed to give you some great crocks to help with drainage in those pots that do make the grade. 2. The winter is a great time to prune your roses. There are several main types (Hybrid Teas, Floribunda, Climbing, Rambling ...) all with different pruning techniques. Whether it's a general yearly prune or a renovation prune, now is a good time. The