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Plant of the month ... March

A personal favourite of mine that is making a bit of a resurgence in the plant word. Camellia This beauty is in my own garden where I am creating a new shady bank. This is a beautiful red variety but camellias also typically can be pink, white and yellow. Whats your favourite plant for March? Post your suggestions and photos here!

Fab 5 Gardening Jobs to do in ... March

1. It's Snow Joke! The 'Beast from the East' has met Portuguese Emma and we have a lovely blanket of snow this week. This will delay some of the tips below, so in the meantime, remember my tip from January - with larger shrubs just take some time to knock off the heavy snow fall. I'm lucky as I have a leaf blower and it does this job lovely with minimal fuss! 2. Mowers are back in business! As long as it's not too wet (or snowy!), you can now get out and start cutting that lawn. Keep the cutters high for now and take only about 1/3rd off the length of your grass. March is also a good time to re edge the lawn with a half moon cutting or edging tool. Doing these things now will help your lawn