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Plant of the month February

A new feature for the Plan B blog. One plant for each month of the year - one that is in its 'best show' that month and provides colour and interest in the garden. Each month I will simply post the plant and a picture. This will be my favourite, but as we all know, opinions differ! Your job is to repost pictures of your favourite plant of that particular month. There's no right or wrong, just great plants. My Personal favourite for February ... Mahonia

Fab 5 Gardening Jobs to do in ... February

February can be a bleak yet short month but grab the opportune days to be outside. 1. Lawn care - It's way too early to start mowing but there are still jobs to do with the lawn so it looks its best in 18. The lawn is probably water logged so keep off it as much as you can but in drier and non frosty periods, it is still worth raking off those leaves and worm casts, as these will lead to bare patches later in the year. Prevention is better than cure! 2. February is a great time to plant flowering shrubs. As the weather slowly starts to warm and the ground being nice a damp, its a great time of year to get these lovelies in the ground and then they will flower this year for you. 3. Save the B